Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wealth on the Web

The eras of Agrarian and industrial have been destroyed by this current Information Age. On like the two previous eras, where wealth was well controlled and manipulated by certain classes in the society.
In this era, great wealth will be redistributed to individuals irrespective of age, sex, culture, status, class, knowledge and education. This era has made many things possible that, each person of the global population of about Six Billion(6,000,000,000) will have the ability to define wealth in such a way, which best fits their individual lifestyles.

However, many people around the world have not been fully exposed to the MEGAWEALTH this era has offered and exploit maximize. A lot of people are still skeptical about this Information Age. Even, larger number of people has refused to learn what this current era brings and as a result, they have blocked their minds from learning as far as the era is concerned.

Eventually, there is a vital process going on globally, and this process will redefine the era in a more affirmative way. Though, the global economy had melted down and each nation had deficit balance which affected the lives of the people both socially and economically. But, at the end of this vital process which is crippling the global economy, a new economic order will emerge. Social order will be redefined and re focused at the same time. The global wealth will be automatically redistributed by this vital process.

As glorious as this vital process is, it will leave many people unhappy and others will be forced to accept the dictate of the era created by this process. Many people whose memories are still fresh in the past with respect to Agrarian and Industrial eras will be useless in this age. This is because, job security will never be determined by pay checks but, rather, it will be mainly based on the latest information which can be transformed to an instant wealth. Many Internet firms will achieve great feat at the expense of old firms with the old theories of Agrarian and Industrial economic history. 

Thus, this current era will come with great mega-wealth to be redistributed to people whose changes can fully accept the new social and economic orders. The changes will be related to how fast one can easily learn under real and fast situations. It will be not related to age, sex, culture, status, family classes, knowledge and education.. rather,it is more linked to fast and practical information which can easily solve redundant and impracticable problems.
One of these changes entails the use of INTERNET. This has been described as the SUPERHIGHWAY which releases this mega-wealth to those who actually accept the rapid changes over a very short period of time.

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