Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The 10 Major Lies About Wealth Via Internet Marketing and How To Avoid Them

A lot of people are being exposed to Internet Marketing ads on daily basis. Many of these people are really confused as to what to do on the Internet. This is simply because; the so- called self-acclaimed internet marketer that organized a seminar wants to make money without a thorough understanding of the subject matter, most especially, the practical aspect of the business.  This even confused the attendees the more. Thus, the more seminars being staged up by the “quick-cash” marketers, the more unreal the business looks like before the attendees. It takes a sincere and dedicated Internet Marketer to conduct researches on the internet for several months to discover systems that he has used for himself and make money with, before teaching other people.

The following are the 10 major lies about wealth via internet marketing that are being told by the bad eggs among the Internet Marketers.

  • Unrealistic sales and profits
  •  False Display of Evidences(Screen-shots and Sales pages)
  •  Eager to Make Instant Money with Improper Teaching of the Subject Matter
  •  No Money-Back Guaranteed Policy
  • Short-lived and Non-Updating of Websites and Blogs
  •  No Correspondence
  • No physical mailing contact and phone numbers
  •  Unreal Practical Systems
  • No mentoring
  •  Piracy of e-books and Visual Materials

Unrealistic Sales and Profits:

Many of these fake Internet marketers often declare unreasonable sales and profits as the case may be. Actually, huge profits can be made, but exaggerated incomes are baits for the novices. For example, “How I make $250,000 in 5 days” with this, it is only professional Internet Marketers from overseas that might make such huge profits. But, as far as Nigeria is concerned, no marketer can claim he has made such an amount of money. Besides, these foreign internet marketing professionals have spent minimum of 6 years or more conducting their businesses online with different strategies. They have tons of websites and blogs that generate money for them on continuous basis. A well-known US-based internet marketer has about 10 websites and 60 blogs. On each website earns $80 per day and each blog earns $120 per day. Hence, total earnings per day, week, month, and year can be calculated as follows, $2,000/day, $10,000/week, $60,000/month and $520,000/year respectively.  This particular marketer has spent 12 years on the internet. When a marketer claims to have made huge profits online, you should ask for his online profiles in terms of years of marketing, sources of incomes( Paypal ,ClickBank, Adsense and so on). Join forums to ask about such Marketer, rising and ranking profiles. Also, Google the name of such marketer and read what Google says about him or what other websites say about him.

False Display of Evidences (Screen-shots and Sales Pages):

Many crooks in the internet marketing industry have fake evidences such as screen-shots and sales pages that lay claims about their astonished profits. As a beginner venturing into the world of internet marketing, you need to be very careful as regards this false pretense. You should conduct your due diligence pertaining to such claims and research well on the internet before doing any buy from such marketers. Now, many materials needed to start up your own internet marketing business are always available online when you surf thoroughly.

Eager to Make Instant Money with Improper Teaching of the Subject Matter:

These hungry marketers are very anxious to have your money and offering you nothing in return. Especially, when seminars are being organized and the attendees gain nothing. This is because; the hungry marketer has not done his home work thoroughly. This case accounts for 90% of cases why internet marketing is assumed to be unreal in nature. Consequently, when you will need to start up your own internet business, you should surf first through the internet what you can get free without paying anyone. Even, it is easier today to start your own internet marketing business because most of the e-books and visual material are free online.

 No Money-Back Guaranteed Policy:

This is one of the best ways to fully identify crooks among the internet marketers. It is a standard practice for any internet marketer to return any money collected from a customer within a minimum of 60 days, if the products or services offer to the customers are rejected. This is where; you will know the sincere marketers from the crooks. A serious-minded marketer has a functioning customer care and great public relation with many of his customers. Any marketer that does not follow the standard practice must be completely avoided.

Short-lived and Non-updating of Websites/Blogs:
When you see websites or blogs that go on and off frequently, you will need to be careful as to do anything with such site owner, if he is an online marketer. Real marketers have their online real estate up and running through the year. They follow the standard practices and some of these are, paid domain name not free one, paid blog, 24/7 online presence, customized email addresses, high response rates with respect to  customer services and so on.

No Correspondence:

Due to many business models from different internet marketing systems, there is ultimate need to attend to customers or clients promptly. The level of correspondences between customers and internet marketers determine the level of trust of doing business over a period of time. Thus, crooks do not reply to emails send to them by their customers and once payments are paid. Thus, when sending money to buy one product or other from a marketer, there is need to check their response rates through exchange of emails and phone calls.

No Physical Mailing Contact and Phone Numbers:
Most dubious people claiming to be internet marketers do not have physical mailing address and give out fake phone numbers. Whenever, there is transaction between you and a marketer the first three transactions between you and a marketer, it is always good to visit his physical office, in order, to access some features about him. In this way, you can be confidence that your hard-earned money is not lost. Though, it is against the standard practice around, however, it is very relevant to the practice in this part of the world.

Unreal Practical Systems:

Most of the systems claimed by the so-called internet marketers that work without any evidence and do not reflect their lifestyles along with their business successes are nothing but  waste of time and money. Many fake systems are out there, in order to take away money from you. Before you attend a seminar, buy e-books or visual materials, you need to go to forums and carry out a thorough finding about the owner of the products and read comments on such products too. Two or three testimonials are not sufficient to affirm the performance of any products and you need extra finding too.

No Mentoring:

Any internet marketer that has no mentoring platform in his internet business systems is nothing but a scam. From many researches, it is always the joy of good internet marketers to transfer their knowledge and ideas to their followers or men tees as the case may be. This is where the grains are separated from the chaffs. That is, the ability of a given internet marketer to empower as many people as possible shows that such marketer is proficient in his act of marketing.

Piracy of e-books and Visual Materials:

A lot of dubious people claiming to be internet marketers are crooks in nature. They either buy one of the best internet marketers’ products or duplicate them in various forms. These products are later resold to the unsuspecting buyers at higher prices. Whenever, you see an internet marketer organizing seminars and selling other people’s products without an in-depth of the subject matter, then such marketer is dubious and you do not need to buy such products.

Finally, there are dubious people out there claiming to be internet marketers but doing all sorts of sharp practices to deceive novices about internet marketing. Thus, this is a clarion call for beginners willing to start up their home –based business or internet marketing business to be careful about what they will need before parting away with hard –earned money.


  1. I have seen these ads in my email. They claim that you can thousands of dollars, but the catch is that you need to purchase their program.

  2. Next time,when you see such ads, then you will need to ignore such information on it...