Friday, July 1, 2011

10 Reasons Why Nigerian Youths Must Be Self-Employed

The global unemployment rate is on an increase and Nigeria as a nation is not excluded from this global illness. When unemployment occurs, it is believed that the natural resources of a nation are being depleted. This assumption is wrong in its totality.

 Nigeria, being a peculiar nation on the globe has characteristics which defers all forms of modern economics solutions. This is basically caused by human elements in all the sectors of the economy. However, it cannot be said that, natural and human resources in Nigeria are being depleted, because the bane behind Nigeria’s unemployment and other deformed sectors of the economy is the severe wastage and misplacement of priorities at the political level of this great nation.

This act affects Nigerians, most especially, the Nigerian youths. It is a known fact that, youths are the livewire of a nation, hence, youths in Nigeria must properly be planned for, in terms of education, employment, healthcare and housing. All these are available for the youths in the Western world which is termed social security.

Unfortunately, all these forms of benefits that will enhance the productivity of a Nigerian youth have been killed by the political class. Thus, they are left with nothing.
In the absence of nothing, there must be something. This note brings to you, the 10 reasons why Nigerian youths must be self-employed and they are mentioned below:-

 Social and Economic Reasons:
The global economic recession has forced many people out of jobs and some are still looking for jobs, but no feasible ones are available. In Nigeria, job-planning is undone and there is great severe wastage in politics and the economy. Hence, a lot of youths are relegated to the job –markets, even with intimidating educational qualifications from well-established universities.

Today in Nigeria, education as a form of job-security has been mutilated by lack of planning in the sector. This leads to a dangerous effect on the quality of graduates being turned out on a yearly basis. Even, most employers are hunting for applicants with creative and entrepreneurial skills on specific jobs without incurring expenses on their overhead costs.

Naturally, every individual has one form of potential or the other. This potential is a great force which can serve as a turning point for any youths in Nigeria. A well-developed-potential-full youth will always create his or her wealth whether the ground is dry or wet. Hence, Nigerian youths can be self-employed. When potential-developing dominates their minds, this will give room for creativity.

Skills are generally known as creative force for social development among the youth in Nigeria. Skill acquisition complements the basic academic programs which may not guarantee job-security after a period of 4-5 years in the school system. However, Nigerian youths with skill acquisition knowledge will rule their own world and define their social lifestyles at any point in time. Some of the Nigerian youths, who have acquired one form of skill or the other are fully employers of themselves and employing others.

Being self-employed comes with its own pride. A lot of family members will not like to accommodate dependants, especially graduate-relatives, simply because, the unfavourable economic situation is affecting an average household in Nigeria. And incurring expenses on such relatives tend to stress the family budgets above limit.  Today, most uncles, aunts, big cousins will always decline visits from graduate-relatives for this obvious reason.

To be self-employed helps in creating a unique identity for any Nigerian youths, such youths are often known to be reckoned with among their peers, family members and environment. This identification comes in form of some responsibilities within homes and the society at large. Youths with identity are often highly respected and they are strongly believed to have sense of direction and execution.

Making money:
Most Nigerian youths with skills in their various fields are making money and smiling to their respective banks on a daily basis. Aside academic qualifications, some of these youths have learned one form of skill acquisition or the other. Thereby providing for their aged-parents and siblings, and they are equally employing other youths to join in their small businesses.

With self-employed personality, it is always simpler to provide their basic needs without depending on parent, relatives, government, and so on. This singular act makes these articulate youths to earn respect from parents and other family members. Since they are highly productive, most of their needs are absolved into their weekly or monthly budgets with ease.

Being self-employed avails you the chance of defining your own lifestyles without anybody’s interferences. Most Nigerian youths who have created their own business outfits and employers of other youths are coming with different social lifestyles to suit their rising social status. Thus, at this critical point in time, it is imperative in Nigeria to create one’s own small business in order to determine your height.

To have one’s own business and make money out of such small business, it is a mark of respect, diligence, dedication, and devotion. Thus, this always results to self-fulfillment as a youth. Though, when starting out, there will always be challenges, but once the business is stable and profits are forthcoming   on a daily or weekly basis, there is self-fulfillment with such business enterprise.

 In Nigeria of today, there is an urgent need to discover your potentials, so you can run with your vision in order to accomplish your mission. Oversee your limits; it will help you to forge ahead with your vision.

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