Tuesday, March 9, 2010

4 Wealth Pillars and How to Know Them

  • Everything in life has foundation or in simplest term, a start. You can imagine a newly born baby from its infancy to adulthood.
You will agree with me that, there are series of processes and systems in term of growth that goes along with a child’s development from its first day on this earth to its adulthood.
Similarly, wealth is no difference from such process or system of growth. However, there are 4 basic wealth pillars which have been hidden from many people and a lot of these people always ask question about wealth acquisition or creation at a point in time and only few numbers of people have really discovered this in recent times.
Basically, these 4 wealth pillars are in everybody and everyone has what it takes to discover his/her own wealth. These 4 wealth pillars are as follow:-

• Knowledge-Intelligence
• Natural gifts
• Systems
• Attitude


Knowledge is one of the 4 wealth pillars which are very vital in the process of wealth growth. Knowledge is power and it is the basis for any wealth creation. However, intelligence is the core substance that is very important to knowledge. Although, intelligence is independent of knowledge, but knowledge is dependent of intelligence. There are 3 basic forms of intelligence and they are;

• Natural
• Academic
• Artificial

Natural Intelligence: This is the natural endowment in everybody and it is a core drive to wealth growth. It may also be referred to as talents, potentials or gifts as the case may be. Most wealth creators always use their natural intelligence to grow their own wealth.

Academic Intelligence: This form of intelligence is basically acquired through the school systems. From personal research, it is discovered that, this form of intelligence is dynamic in nature and changes over time. However, there are certain limits of this form of intelligence compares to natural intelligence. It is limited by human errors. 90% of the world wealth is being controlled by 10% of people around the world. As far as wealth is concerned, more emphasis should be placed on natural than academic intelligence. However, both natural and academic intelligence are essential for overall growth of human development.

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence has been into existence, since the invention of different types of computers. The advent of series of development in computer technologies has paved way to artificial intelligence (AI). It is this development that gives birth to Information, Computer and Technology (ICT). Thus, enhances the overall development in other areas such as, social, economy, and politics of any given nation that embraces such latest discovery. The use of internet also creates information age. We are in the information age, where the person that has the best information acquires great wealth.

Natural gifts:

As earlier mentioned, natural gifts has been responsible for great wealth around the world. Natural gifts also refer to potentials or talents as the case may be. And it is a drive to both wealth acquisition and growth.
Unfortunately, many people have not discovered their talents and as a result, they are often operating below their real ability. However, when great potentials are being discovered earlier in life then, great wealth is often created with little or no effort.

There are 3 ways to discover your talents or potentials and they are;

• Passion
• Proactive
• Learning/Study

Passion: when you find yourself doing a particular thing on a repeat basis and you derive joy, satisfaction and drive to do more, then it is likely that your gift has been discovered. Also, one thing about this passion is that, it will flow out naturally from you, even, if you are not being paid for such task.

Proactive: In order to discover your gift, you need to be dynamic or active in what you strongly believe in and have passion for. This is because, at time, this so called gift needs to be stir up.

Learning/Study: You can critically study the various ways of doing your passionate task(s) which is (are) very dear to you. You can also understudy yourself for as long as you desire. Once you have done that and you are fully satisfied about the outcome of your results, then you have discovered your talent(s).


The basic routine of any wealth growth is the effectiveness and efficiency of derivable system(s) which must stand the test of time. Systems being one of the wealth pillars cannot be over emphasized. Simple systems of creating wealth are required not only for wealth growth, but also for long term stability of such wealth. An effective and efficient system gives rise to wealth accumulation.


It is often said that, attitude is determines the altitude of a person in life. This is no difference as far as wealth is concerned. Attitude means one‘s character toward one’s passion and people generally. It reflects the nature oneself toward life itself. Most often than not, many people desire to be wealthy, but over the years have battling with one form of character crisis or the other.
Frankly speaking, character crisis has been the bane behind diminishing wealth in individuals and destroy many great talents. There are some forms of character crisis and they are; distrust dishonesty, ignorance, instability, laziness procrastination and lying.
Anyone that finds out that is engaged in any forms of character crisis mentioned above can hardly create the desired and genuine wealth.


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